Hirimani Secondary School

Message from the BOG


Hirimani Secondary school is the only Secondary school within the Bura Division.  It offers opportunities for further Education for 13 primary schools.  

Most of its students are less fortunate and perform below their capacity, as they are destitute and cannot afford the bus fares to distant schools let alone fees.

The community surrounding the school is Predominantly Pastoralist.  Hence many do not view education as an important aspect in Development. 

The most affected are the girls who do not complete primary Education let alone joining secondary school.  The Community considers an educated girl as one who cannot be married.

Some of the Rescue measures taken by the BOG are to allow girls attend the school with very low KCPE Marks.  Others conceive along the way but are allowed back.

The major challenge is finances; some of the students being orphans cannot afford fees.  On behalf of the BOG, I appeal for bursaries and scholarships not only to the students in school today but to help them access higher learning in college.

                                LIST OF BOARD OF GOVERNERS


  1. Mr. Ramadhan Divaya Babijani                  -           Chairman
  2. Mr. Khalif Dugal
  3. Mrs. Halima Duri ware                                 -           Vice Chairperson
  4. Mr. Charles Nderitu Theuri
  5. Fr. Jose Albertu Lopez
  6. Mr. J.J. Njoka
  7. Ms. Monica Koech
  8. Mr. John Mark Otieno
  9. Mrs. Hadijah Juma
  10. Mr. Nuhu Roble
  11. Mr. Alfred Ngonyo                                      -          PTA Chairman
  12. Mr. Mohamed Myetto                                 -          PTA Member
  13. Mrs. Prudence Jasph                                  -          PTA Member
  14. Mr. Ambaka Douglas                                  -          Secretary BOG
  15. Hon. Dr. Nuhu Nasir                                      -          M.P Bura Constituency.
  16. Cllr. Mohammed Dube                               -          Cllr. Bura.

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