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The school has eight TSC teachers and three employed by the Board of Governors.

The school CBE required (17) teachers. Almost every subject has a shortage except Chemistry and Biology.

There were no TSC teachers for subjects like Home Science and Business Studies, Arabic, I.R.E and C.R.E.

Majority of the teachers are well qualified and experienced.

Most of them have been in the school for over five years. Such staff stability should have naturally translated into improved and quality results.


Name Subject Taught

1. Ambaka Douglas (Mr.) Chemistry/P.E.

2. Awadh Ngundewe (Mr.) Agriculture, Biology/I.R.E

3. Ndungu Joshua (Mr.) Mathematics, Physics

4. Abashora Henry (Mr.) Kiswahili, Geography

5. Evans Makeo (Mr.) Mathematics, Chemistry

6. Peter Mwangi (Mr.) Chemistry, Biology

7. Irungu David (Mr.) English

8. Kangethe David (Mr.) History, Geography

BOG Teachers (Not TSC)

1. Ms. Agnes Wambui Home Science

2. Ms. Mariam Hiyeti Shabu Arabic, I.R.E



1. Subject - Business Studies

- C.R.E



The Deputy Principal with Members of the Non-teaching staff infront of the school administration block.








Mzee Hussein Bodole, the night watchman infront of his mobile home with family. Those children will one day be learners at this school.

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