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1.    Mr. Babisan Ramadhan     -  B O G member

2.    Mrs. Sofia jange              -     B O G member

3.    Mr. Awadh Ngundewe    -    discipline master

4.    Mr. Ambaka Douglas         -   principle / secretary B O G

5.    Mr. Alfred Ngonyo           -   P T A chairman.


  In attendance

1.     Mr. Livingstone Barisa   - Box 129 Hola   Parent Jacob Maro.

2.     Mr. Wasanye Maro        -   Box 13 Hola    Parents Nuru Wasanye.

3.     Mrs. Idhoi Daraja          - Box   1 Madogo  Parents Datum Abdi.

4.     Mr. David Maina      - Box 24629 Nairobi  Parent Mohamed Kamau


In-Attendance (Students)

1.     Nuru wasanye form 3A admission number 1100

2.     Fatuma Abdi Galma form 1B admission number 1215

3.     Jacob maro form 3 A admission number 1154

4.     Mohamed kamau form 1A admission number 1313


1.     Discipline Report And Recommendation On Gross Indiscipline Of Nuru Wasanye, Form Three

2.     Fatuma Abdi, Form One

3.     Jacob Maro. Form Three

4.     Mohamed Kamau Form One


1.     Fatuma Galma.

2.     Jacob maro.

3.     Mohamed kamau



ADM; 1100 Background information

Nuru wasanye is a form 3A girl of 17yrs. she joined hirimani secondary in form one and her home area is mnazini.she is a generally a dull student in class and hardly engages in serious discussion.

Academic information.

Nuru wasanye is a poor student academically she obtains her KCPE 152 done in 2005 a mean score of D. the last three results shows:

1.     Term 3 form 2A grade D.

2.     Term 1 form 3a grade D.

3.     Term 2 form 3A grade D.

1.     On 25/10/08 Nuru Wasanye was found sleeping with another girl by the name Of Samaha Juma a form four. on the same bed while naked. It is suspected that were lesbians. she refused to take a letter to summon parent. she collected the letter on insistence of a Mr. Badula On 30/10/2008 her guardian.

2.     On 31/10/08 she reported with Mr. Badula, the case was dispensed off and the girl promised not to repeat, she signed a copy of school rules particularly rule number 8 which specifies that “sitting on isolated place by a boy and a girl will be understood to an act of intimacy”. This is punishable by expulsion, while rule number 11 prohibits possetion of listed items including mobile phones.

3.     Nuru wasanye is thus punished and allowed in to class.

4.     On 8/11/08 Saturday at darkroom without lights about 6.30 p.m, Nuru Wasanye was found in an isolated room being a home science room with another girl and two boys on by the name Jacob Maro of form three and Bakari Gafo a form four.

5.     On the same day while in the presences of Ramadan Mda, a cook in the kitchen, Nuru Wasanye was found with a phone ‘kabambe, black in colour’ she immediately said it belongs to Jacob Maro, who has a history of stealing phones from the administration office.

6.     On  8/11/08, Nuru Wasanye accepted that she was found in an isolated room with boys. This she did while knowing that she is breaking school rules. This she confessed in her statement attached.

Other discipline cases.

On Thursday night at about 8.30pm, Nuru Wasanye left the class during night preps and sneaked to the dormitory.

she then proceeded to occupy the bed in which Samaha Juma form 4 sleeps they then covered the bed with a leso so as to hide whatever was going on inside.They were found in compromising position while naked. Efforts to talk and help the girl failed.


1.     Severe reprimand by the BOG must be given to deter others from engaging in bad behaviors such as lesbians which will further prevent  good  performance among our girls.

Action; on 31/10/08 (Friday at 8.00am)

1.     Mohamed Badula head teacher Fahari Primary the guardian presented him accompanied by the girl Nuru Wasanye.

2.     Mr. Badula advised and canselled the girl

(a)  on refusal to forward a letter to the guardian is breaking school rules and must not be repeated

(b) Issue of sleeping with other girls in suspicious manner must stop.

(c) The poor performance of D is not good for the future of the girl as there is no career.  the girl set a target of term 3 2008 as C-  and signed Nuru Wasanye Adm 1100 31/10/08.

(d) School fees balance of 2750/= must be cleared before the girl is allowed back in class.

Signed                                                           Nuru Wasanye                                          

Mr. Mohamed Badula                                    Adm; 1100

ID no 5954709                                                form 3 A

Tel; no 0735323014                                        Sign  

Signed                                                                date; 31/10/08

Date; 31/10/08.





1.     The administration requests that the paremt of  Nuru Wasanye  seeks a different school  to alienate her from establishing a bad company, and also fast track her rehabilitation

2.     It is believed that Nuru Wasanye is acting as a go between (pimps) young unsuspecting form one girls and senior boys.

3.     The testimony of a form student Fatuma Abdi before the deputy principal, the father, Mzee Ramadan Jillo and the Principal clearly shows that Nuru Wasanye calculated the action by opening the home science room pretending that she was selling madazi. She then conveniently called the two boys to the home science room using the phone.

4.     She admitted that she had a phone.

Nuru wasanye will do more damage to the young form ones if left to continue in Hirimani secondary school. Given that, she did not remember just a week earlier she was home over similar issue



ADM NO; 1154

Background information

1.     Jacob maro joined hirimani secondary school from hola boys in form two in the year 2007. term 2

2.     academic report

Term two – 2008 grade E mean score 1.88

1.     On duty Saturday afternoon  18/11/08  Jacob requested for the key to home science room to call Fatuma

2.     Nuru went back to the dinning hall, Gafo asked to go and sew .went back and found two students and left them alone.

3.     She did not know

4.     Heard principal and the two boys hid

5.     Principal asked why students in the dark and the door closed, switched the lights on

6.     Principal saw a boy hidden, Fatuma revealed Jacob.

7.     That principal asked only Fatuma

8.     Admitted that she agreed to call Fatuma

9.     That Fatuma gave Wasanye the phone.

    JACOB MAROS testimony that he made on 20th November 2008 in the presence of his father Mr. Livingstone.

Jacob maro confessed that;

1.     He was in the home science room on the said date and time8th November 2008 while knowing that it was against the school rules.

2.     Jacob further confessed that he hid because he was frightened.

3.     On further questioning, maro said that he had wanted to keep the girls company since it was raining outside.

4.     He was unable to explain why he they were studying in the darkened room at 6; 30 pm with the door closed.

5.     He acknowledged that he broke the school rule and MOE minis trial Ban on use of mobile pones in school. He mitigated that the phone was not his but belonged to Husna Ahmed the head girl.






Background information

Joined the school from kipini secondary school on account of bad health in term two 2008. He was cleared by school on 21/5/08.

Academic report.

1.     Term two 2008 grade C mean score C

2.     Term one 2008 grade B- mean score B-.

Discipline Report

1.     On 24/9/08 was found with a mobile phone at 10:00pm while at the dining hall against school regulation number 11 of Hirimani secondary school rules and regulations.

2.     On 25/9/08 mohamed kamau was found at Hola Laza town at around 11:00am without a written permission contrary to school regulation number 14 in which he sneaked out of school.

3.     On 3/10/08, in the presence of the mother Mrs. Jane muthoni kamau, mohamed kamau acknowledged that he has broken the school rules and pledges not to repeat the mistakes. He further state that should he repeat the same mistake, the school can take any action it deems fit. He dully signed.

4.     On    another date he requests for permission from the duty teacher to visit manyatta but proceeded to hola and spends the night there without permission.

5.     Mohamed is rude. Due to his unbecoming behavior he is asked to summon parents.

Other details

1.     Sneaked out of school two occasions.

2.     Has been problematic at kipini over mobile phone.

3.     Mr. David maina states that the boy is being pampered

4.     Student came without proper uniform.


Fatuma Galmo’s Testimony that she made on 20th November 2008.

1.     Fatuma testified that on Saturday 8th   November,2008 at lunch time she was called by Nuru Wasanye into the home science room. Nuru then went away leaving Fatuma alone in the home science room.

2.     Bakari Gafo then came to the room to mend his clothes; they were then joined by Jacob Maro who the call Jacks.

3.     At this juncture, the principal’s presence was felt and Jack gave the mobile phone to Nuru by Jack who promptly went into hiding with Gafo in the dark cabinets.

4.     Fatuma Galmo acknowledged before her father that she refused to disclose that Jacob Maro and Bakari Gafo were hiding in the room. She further confessed that Nuru Wasanye advised her not to reveal that two boys were hiding in the room.

Wasanye’s father Mr. Hussein wasanye.

1.     A familiar teacher in bura. He is well informed about nuru wasanye,s deeds.

2.     send Mr. badula on the sleeping case

3.     Called Mr. Isaiah the AEO who sent Mrs. Mohamed badula.

4.     Nuru was guided and counseled by the father at home.

5.     Needs to get a proper explanation from the student.


Mr. Livistone barisa.

Parent to Jacob maro of form 3, he is familiar with the school. He is an old parent; he did not receive a bad report over. (Agnes Charles kerna) HE regrets that the girl did not perform well.

1.     Jacob maros history was narrated to the deputy principle.

a)     1st incidence stone throwing – dispensed off after a cheating a disciplinary committee

       b) 2nd case a stolen phone from the office. Parent replaced the phone.                Advised heavily by family over phone.


b)    3rd case love tangle with fatuma abdi parent comes and disciplined Jacob in the office of the deputy principle.

d)    4th case found in the home science room with fatuma abdi,         nuru wasanye and gafo.                       

3. He declared that the ball is with maro Jacob, he should make a decision on whether he will learn or not.

4. That the phone belongs husna Ahmed form 3. They exchanged phones – because it is on offer.


Mrs. Idhoi daraja   mother of fatuma abdi form 1B

1.     Orphaned girl. / single parent.

2.     Been in a boarding school when sixth class.

3.     Been brought hear to study and not to find boy friends.

4.     Disappeared in manyatta and did not accompany parent home to madogo.



1.     The students should look for alternative schools.

2.     The parents should appeal to the BOG within fourteen days from today 20/11/08/.




1.     School is loosing girls to pregnancy.

2.     Their performance is below average on account of love affairs.



1.     Parent of maro requested that they be given a third chance.

2.     The parent of nuru wasanye also requested that he be given a third and last chance.

3.     The parent of fatuma abdi said that she be given a third and last chance.

Signed by the following

























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